Bottlenose Identification

Tricks to recognize a Bottlenose dolphin

Length adult: 2-4 m

bottlenose 2

Colour: Greylish with darker cape, some ventrally spotted


mother and calf

 Dorsal fin: Tall falcate dorsal fin centrally placed, broad basecorrection 2.jpg

Pectoral Fin: lingish and pointedcorrection aritcle 1.jpg

Head: Robust melon, stubby beakcorrection 3.jpg

Group size: typical group size between 5 to 50 individualsbottlenose 3

Behaviour: Strong swimmer, much time at surface, breaches frequentlybottlenose 4
Seasonality: Present year round



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The Sea Search group is a collective of scientists and students with a strong academic background in the area of marine mammal science. Our primary focus is the production of peer-reviewed scientific research and student training. We also provide specialist consultancy services and work with industry and government to promote conservation through effective management.

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