Tricks to recognize a Humpback Dolphin

How can we recognize a Humpback dolphin?


Length: adult 2-3m

Sousa Humpback dolphin_20130411_A_IMG_5806 (BSJames).jpg

Colour: Grey, paler ventrally

dorsal fin.jpg

Dorsal fin: Small with basal hump


Head: High forehead melon, well defined long narrow break


Slow swimmers, often difficult to approach, do not often bow-ride or breach. The Indian Ocean species has a characteristic surfacing routine, in which the long rostrum rises steeply out of the water before the rest of the head.

Sousa Humpback dolphin_20110627_C_DSC0070 (BS James)

Group size: Typically, 3-7, but up to 25

Seasonality: Present year round


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