Tricks to recognize a common dolphin

Long-beaked common dolphin


Adult Length:

Long-beaked common dolphins in the subregion reach maximun lengths of 2.5 m in males and 2.2 m in females.


Common dolphins are relatively easy to distinguish from other small dolphins at sea from the distinctive criss-cross marking on the side.

20160318_6D_HB_IMG_0262 (SSA - Simon Elwen).jpg


Dark cape, in V-shape below dorsal fin, hourglass pattern on flank (yellow front-grey tailstock).

Dorsal fin:

Tall triangular to falcate dorsal fin

Pectoral fin

Dark, narrow and pointy


Long beak and slender head with flattened melon

Group size:


Usually in large groups, up to 100 individuals


Fast swimmers, often acrobatic. They seem to be compulsive bow-riders and in general highly vocal, producing clicks, whistles, squeaks and creaks.


Present year round, more common in late summer


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