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Let’s meet our new PhD Candidate, Megan Slack, from the United States

Sea Search hosts several interns, volunteers and students (Hons, MSc, PhD). This month we welcomed a young lady,  Megan Slack, who will be doing her Phd research with Sea Search. We are very happy as each newcomer brings a new breath to the team, we can’t wait to get to know her. Here is some background information about Megan.


Megan Slack

Where do you come from?

I’m originally from a suburb of Baltimore, Maryland in the US. I moved to San Diego, California about 3 years ago to work on my Master’s in Marine Science at the University of San Diego, and just moved to South Africa to start my PhD with Sea Search through the University of Pretoria.

-What is your PhD about?

My PhD project is part of a larger project looking at the effects of climate change on cetaceans. Specifically, I will be looking at temporal patterns of distributions of dolphins in False Bay. I will be using acoustic data from underwater hydrophones around the bay to determine what species are present there, their abundances, and changes in their distributions over time- all through acoustics! By describing their distributions, we can track changes over time to determine if climate change is impacting their ranges.

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